The vision of our company is to offer our clients a highly competitive product in the form of a dynamic asset management in near future. QuantOn Solutions currently acts as R&D company with crucial focus on testing and developing various types of trading strategies. The principles of our investment strategies which we develop both for institutional and individual clients are based on many years of experience and know-how, as well as continuous innovations implemented with respect to the current market conditions. Our aim is to continuously transform our knowledge into your success...


Dynamic reaction to speed and complexity of today's global financial market is essence of future success. We are using our own mathematical-statistical models on the basis of which we create various types of trading logics. The logics are subsequently evaluated, tested, automated and deployed in practice. Our expert team then creates active and balanced portfolios that are tailored to the client´s risk aversion. The key pillars for finding the attractive combination of risk and profit are robust diversification and the subsequent quality management of the professionally and logically structured client portfolio.


The mission of our company is to establish long-term partnerships with our clients based on mutual trust and attractive results in terms of appreciation of client funds. Our aim is to transmit the strong team spirit, which is the essence of QuantOn Solutions, to relationships with our clients. We strive to gradually transform our experience, knowledge, and innovative thinking both into outstanding results and out of the ordinary relationship with our clients.


The core of our company is a team of dedicated experts. Results and character of our work reflects to some extent the composition of our team. Our overall concept of development and research includes constant monitoring of new techniques and trends in the financial industry worldwide. And of course, we keep in mind our earlier acquired experience and knowledge and incorporate them into our modern financial products.


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