Who we are

QuantOn is a research-driven investment company established in 2015. It is subject to the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia and a member of the Investment Guarantee Fund. In 2021 QuantOn registered as CTA under National Futures Association in Chicago, US. Since its inception, QuantOn has employed a research-driven systematic investment approach. We focus on quantitative asset management, supported with the idea that market prices do not perform a so-called „random walk” and thus are not fully efficient.

what we do

We are systematic asset manager. QuantOn analyses various types of data streams to distinguish trading signals between noise. Our process is purely systematic with strict and robust risk management techniques. Based on more than five years of active team-research experience, we profile ourselves as a strictly idea-driven research shop backed with our technology tailored to our needs.


Systematic approaches are generally about finding reasonably tradable market patterns. It is more team-centric work, where the biggest challenge is to extract meaningful and robust information from the overwhelming amount of data. We have created two independent investment solutions over +5 years of active research development. Both aim to act as uncorrelated liquid return diversifiers.


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QuantOn Solutions o.c.p., a.s. is registered company regulated under the National Bank of Slovakia licence number:ODT-13906/2015-1. QuantOn Solutions o.c.p., a.s. is registred as a CTA under the NFA regulatory body 0539231.

A high level of risk may be associated with investing and trading on financial markets.In this context it should be noted that return on the invested funds is not guaranteed. The amount of risk may be affected by the chosen investment strategy and duration of the investment. The value of the investment in time will vary depending on the current market conditions. Previous development of returns on the investment products is not a guarantee of their future development which may change significantly in the future, depending on various factors. Before undertaking any transaction, the potential investor has to consider primarily the adequacy risks and specificities of the investment product in question.

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