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About us

The key and the only activity of QuantOn is management of your assets. Only because of such a narrow focus are we able to concentrate all of our know-how in one area thus offering professional services. Our long-term strategy is simple. We employ leading experts and build stable partnerships. We create investment solutions in line with your expectations. We are here today and we will be here tomorrow. Together with our clients we take advantage of everyday opportunities and form a mutual long-term relationship in management of your assets.

Our thinking

As a part of investment solutions we apply dynamic, quantitative models and that makes us different from majority of traditional asset managers. We focus on a scientific approach to management of funds which is supported with the idea that market prices do not perform a so-called “random walk” and thus are not fully efficient. Based on this premise we build quantitative models with a profitable potential through sophisticated research and a development process.

The automated trading models can be compared to a portfolio manager which also has a defined plan. Thanks to the currently available technological possibilities we can figuratively say that all the individual trades related to the investment products of QuantOn are performed by dozens of mutually independent automated portfolio managers. Naturally, this way we eliminate human incorrectness and susceptibility to emotional behavior.

Inovation supported with experience

Quantitative methods in combination with time-proven principles are the cornerstones of our business philosophy. That is the only way we are able to reflect the actual needs of institutional as well as individual investors in the current turbulent environment of the financial markets.

Prakticky sa sústredíme na skutočný dynamický model správy Vašich aktív. Práve preto sú naše produkty z veľkej miery variabilné v zmysle rýchleho sa prispôsobenia aktuálnym tržným podmienkam.

Our most valuable asset

People are our most valuable asset. A strong team spirit drawing from mutual professional respect and high company culture are fully reflected in the quality of our investment solutions. Utmost professionalism and genuine passion for pernament improvement are the key strengths of our team.

The core of our company is composed of analysts, mathematicians, data scientists, programmers and traders. Their combined skills make up a top notch research and development team responsible for the design of trading models, their implementation, control and risk management. Our investment comittee consisting of the heads of respective depatments deals with strategic development of portfolios as result investment product.

Vedenie spoločnosti


The company QuantOn Solution o.c.p., a.s. is a registered Securities Brokerage firm. It is a subject to supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia and is a member of the Investment Guarantee Fund.

This publication is intended solely for information and presentation purposes. It does not serve as a specific investment recommendation for buying or selling some financial products. The investments and the investment philosophy presented in this publication are not suitable for all investors. Before entering into a business transaction a potential investor shall principally consider suitability, risk and specifics of the particular investment product. During the decision-making process this publication should be used in combination with the concreate product sheet and other documentation relating to the investment service (if available).

A high level of risk may be associated with investing and trading on financial markets. All types of risk are described in the published General business conditions of the company as well as other internal documentation available at the company headquarters.

In this context it should be noted that return on the invested funds is not guaranteed. The amount of risk may be affected by the chosen investment strategy and duration of the investment. The value of the investment in time will vary depending on the current market conditions. Previous development of returns on the investment products is not a guarantee of their future development which may change significantly in the future, depending on various factors.

Before undertaking any transaction, the potential investor has to consider primarily the adequacy risks and specificities of the investment product in question.