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In the field of investment advisory and asset management, there are various approaches looking to achieve respectable returns while protecting the client’s capital from irreversible drawdowns. The mainstream approach focuses on fundamental analysis of particular asset class and based on discretionary valuation metrics allocates capital to areas with the best potential. However, portfolio managers or teams of PMs, responsible for asset allocation are facing various headwinds. PMs are prone to powerful behavioural biases and high complexity of global economy and geopolitics usually leads to the subjective interpretation of data and events. Discretionary approach also very often suffers from questionable risk management.

Systematic execution of multiple non-correlated trading strategies across wide range of asset classes addresses the aforementioned headwinds and thus provides the valuable edge. It is fair to say that systematic approach is objective and non-biased, consistent and robust due to portfolio effect and most importantly works within pre-determined risk parameters.

The resulting mix of different algorithmic models is what we at QuantOn believe gives us an edge in the market place. The robustness of each individual model and more importantly of the overall mix of models is what allows us to achieve the consistent and attractive performance within the context of ever changing conditions in the global financial market.

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